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InfoEd Grants Management Software System to Become Mandatory for Proposal Preparation and Internal Approval Routing Beginning September 1, 2014

06/10/2014 · No Comments

In December, 2013, the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) implemented grants management system, InfoEd, for use by faculty and staff in managing grant activities. A major function of InfoEd is to provide an electronic portal where UNR faculty and staff can prepare and route grant proposals for internal approvals. Since December 2013, over 400 UNR faculty and staff members have received training on preparing and routing grant proposals in InfoEd.

Beginning September 1, 2014, all UNR grant proposals must be prepared in InfoEd and routed for internal approvals in InfoEd. If you are a UNR faculty or staff member who prepares grant proposals, a UNR chair, director, dean or vice president who approves grant proposals or a department administrator who needs access to grant-related information, it is important that you receive appropriate InfoEd training.

There are three types of InfoEd training available.

  • Proposal Development Training: Proposal development training is geared towards faculty and staff members who prepare UNR grant proposals. The training covers the proposal preparation and internal approval routing process in InfoEd. Duration of training: two hours.
  • Proposal Approval Training: Proposal approval training is intended for UNR chairs, directors, deans and vice presidents who only provide internal approvals for their area’s grant proposals. The training demonstrates how to approve a proposal in InfoEd. If a chair, director, dean or vice president also prepares their own grant proposals, the proposal development training should be taken in lieu of the proposal approval training. Duration of training: 45 minutes.
  • Department Administrator Training: Department administrator training is aimed towards those who need to obtain information from InfoEd. The training instructs users on how to locate and access information in InfoEd such as grant proposals, award documents and other grant-related information. Duration of training: 45 minutes.

Anyone interested in receiving InfoEd training should contact Erika Waday in the Office of Sponsored (OSP) Projects, ewaday@unr.edu or 784-4049, to inquire about available training sessions. Further information about InfoEd is available on the OSP website: http://www.unr.edu/sponsored-projects/infoed-grants-management-software-system.

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