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Tips for Travel on Sponsored Projects

12/31/2012 · No Comments

  1. Travelers must have effort or have some other direct connection (e.g., project participant) to the projects that are paying for their travel.
  2. Principle Investigators (PIs) must obtain prior approval for travel from the sponsoring agency if required.  Documentation of the prior approval should be maintained in the PIs records for up to 6 years after the end date of the award in the event that such documentation is needed for an audit.
  3. PIs must ensure that all foreign airfare that will be charged to an award funded by the federal government (UNR account that starts with 1320) is compliant with the Fly America requirements.  For more information about this topic view the Fly America tutorial at http://www.unr.edu/ospa/video.html.
  4. If you are travelling outside of the U.S., make sure that all equipment or other technology you take is allowable under the export control regulations.

For more information on this topic contact:

Tammy Freeman, CRA
Program Manager, Research Compliance

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