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New NIH FAQs Address Financial Conflict of Interest Reg

03/22/2012 · No Comments


NIH has updated its frequently asked questions Web page on the financial conflict of interest regulation, which goes into effect at the end of August. The 10 new and three updated FAQs, posted March 21, address a variety of topics, including blind trusts, payments on behalf of investigators made to institutions and the differences between significant financial interests as defined in the new regulation versus the 1995 rule. Of interest to those grappling with how to implement the travel expenses disclosure requirements, which are not subject to a payment threshold, is a new question with a three-part answer. The item indicates that institutions “have the discretion to determine which details of the sponsored or reimbursed travel, for example, source of funding, destination, duration of travel, etc., drive further institutional review.” Policies could dictate, for example, that anticipated participation in annual meetings and medical society gatherings “may not require further institutional review to determine if the travel constitutes a FCOI,” the FAQ states.
Link: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/policy/coi/coi_faqs.htm#3383

From Report on Research Compliance 3/22/12

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